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Our team of 5 becomes 6! Well 5 and a half.....

Everything was set for the big adventure. Car furred and shipped, eye-wateringly expensive tickets booked. On that note, in a desperate bid to save a few pennies it turns out the cheapest way to sly to South America is via Dubai. For those rusty on their GCSE geography what you are doing there is heading 7 hours in the wrong direction, a 6hr stopover followed before getting on a 19hr flight that finally heads West. But we are young and fit and would rather save the money and what's a couple of days flying around the world eh?

In the 3 months we had left before leaving, Andy and I had to pop out to Morocco a couple of times to do some work. It is tough but someone has to do it. We always have a good time there, we got engaged on our top terrace and it is an achingly romantic place to go. The thing was, due to some slightly dodgy time keeping and plenty of wine during the first trip we had to make one of the scariest purchases of our lives at Heathrow airport, on the way out to our second visit a couple of weeks later. A PREGNANCY test! We were fairly sure it was unnecessary but we still wanted to be sure. Babies had always been on the cards at some point but we were looking forward to a bit more travelling before we "settled down." In fact we had planned to start the rubbish time keeping towards the end of the trip not before we left.

After a couple of days of gathering our courage I finally did the whole peeing on the stick thing. In the exact same place we got engaged we waited for the seemingly innocuous plastic stick to tell us if our lives were about to change forever. Now this is a moment many of us have either gone through or imagined. Of all the scenarios, what I never expected was not agreeing on the result. A small piece of advice, don't check the test in blinding sun with sunglasses on. Those lines are hard to make out. However after a bit of "no we aren't that is clearly a line" (Andy) and "we bloody are, that is a cross" (Me) a quick look inside told us we were in fact going to be parents! EEEEEEAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKK

The test!

The test!

We were shocked, excited, confused and all round emotional. After a few days of getting used to the idea we started to think about how this might effect our plans. We were about to embark on a huge trip we had already committed to, both financially and emotionally. We started much soul searching, and a crash course in what the actually happens to your body during this whole making another person thing, we really didn't know diddley-squat about any of that stuff.

Turns out our timing was brilliant. I would be over the nerve racking 3 month mark before we left. Lots can sadly go wrong during this time and I don't think we would have left until we were out of this period. Before we left I would have that exciting first scan to check that everything was going as planned. The first 3 months also turns out to be when all those horrible pregnancy symptoms hit. Sickness, bloating the most tender boobs in the world, all that and no one is even meant to know your pregnant. However I am one of the lucky ones and apart from some magnificent breast swelling I really didn't suffer. Going to bed everyday in the middle of the day didn't seem like much of a sacrifice! So I would be 3 months down by the time we left and then travelling in middle 3 months which is when people normally feel brilliant. I would be home for the last 3 months where they like to keep a close eye on you. Coupled with this I should be doing a good impression of a whale and I'm not sure spending hours in the car everyday during this time would be the best.

It was decided we were still going to go! For those interested here is our baby's first photo shoot taken just before we left. 90_photo.jpg

For those who aren't please don't worry as before seeing our own little wrigglier on the big screen I really couldn't see the appeal of a bleary black and white picture that I was reliably informed looked like a baby. To me these pictures are a little like those magic eye things, you either got them or you didn't.

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